These five pages although likely a bit eye opening to most, are especially critical to those

surrounded  by the immaculate conception of Mary doctrine and those surrounded by Menno Simons' teachings on Jesus' relation to Mary.  Therewith these pages are particularly relevant to the Holdeman Mennonites.  They should draw us all at least a little closer to our Saviour.

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Jesus' Nature 

   Concerning Christ's nature it is very reasonable to conclude that Jesus from conception and birth always had the divine nature, as we can only participate in by experiencing the new birth (being born of Christ).  Jesus thus did not need to be born again as we, but rather directly carried that Holy birth from heaven into His conception and humanity as received from Mary.  The divine nature of Christ certainly does not need to disallow His taking of our very humanity upon Himself, which gave Him opportunity to experience what we experience and to fully overcome and resurrect from the same (becoming a true first fruit of the resurrection). The Bible speaks of John the Baptist being filled with the Holy Ghost from his mother's womb, and so much more could Jesus having no earthly father but rather being the very Son of God have been filled with the Holy Spirit from conception and birth.

A very extensive 80 page article I wrote on the subject 20 and 30 years ago is here 

 A very short but potent document on the subject is here 

The Lying Wolf Certainly Has Corrupted Vital Issues

Relating To Christmas And Christ's Birth!

A Phenomenal Image God Provided In A Special Way In A Friends Photo

Earlier I had communicated with this friend about images in the Valentine's Tree.

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